Ruud Dekker - Partner

Graduated from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen with an MSc in International Economics & Business. Accomplished business development consultant, with a history in POS and online payment systems, risk management, and compliance. Divides his time between the United States and Europe. Likes kung fu, playing squash, and hiking.

Vince Wols - Partner

Made pivot as a student from architectural engineering to marketing, and has built up expertise in the fields of product development, SEO, ASO, copywriting and online marketing. Has a strong affinity with analytics, data and marketing solutions. Go-to guy for anything Nordics. Enjoys to spend time with family, travel or play/watch basketball.

Nina Holtzapffel - Analyst

Held a broad variety of positions in the hospitality industry and worked in sales and marketing right before starting as an investment manager with a focus on the United Kingdom. Curious by nature, doesn’t like candy, and currently obsessed with bagels.

Marcus Huybreghs - Analyst

Has held several management positions in telecommunications and e-commerce companies in the past 20+ years; setting up and operating lean companies, creating brands & leading teams. Marcus is mainly active in the German startup ecosystem. Likes hiking, bodyweight exercises and taking his Baja Bug for a spin.

Kees Quist - Analyst

Experienced Account Manager and Purchase Manager for various telco and e-commerce companies. Built (and tore down) his own travel agency. Now focused on early stage startups, mainly in the Baltics. Self-proclaimed king of the foosball table and indoor soccer goalie. Enjoys craft beers, and has never seen the Godfather.